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Darius Robinson   Ready For A Commitment?

           By Jesse McCormack/ThaRinger.Com
                          June 19th, 2009


                          *Photo Courtesy of InsideTheU.Com

Darius Robinson, a speedy cornerback from Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the most sought after defensive backs in the country. He has offers from many top colleges, but still remains focused on his team, rather than personal achievement.

“We went 6-4 last season, but we’re looking promising for next season.”

Robinson stands at 5’11, and weighs 171 pounds. He also says most schools are recruiting him to play cornerback at the next level.

As for offers, Robinson claims 23, only some of which are serious contenders to land his prized services.

“I like a lot (of schools). Miami, North Carolina, Maryland, Clemson, Kentucky, West Virginia, Central Florida, and Stanford just off top of head.”

Though many schools want him, there’s one in particular that Robinson especially likes.

“Right now Miami has the edge because of the way they are recruiting me. They are coming after me hard, I talk with their position coach a lot, and I recently camped there and got to see their campus.”

While Robinson admits that Miami leads, he somewhat denies committing to them.

“Those (rumors) were true to an extent, but I decided not to commit. I wanted to talk everything over with my parents before I make my decision.”

Staying in state seems to be out of the question for Robinson, as he does not have an offer from either Georgia or Georgia Tech at this point.

Distance won’t play be a huge factor in Robinson’s final decision, but he doesn’t want to venture too far away from home.

“Distance plays a factor to an extent because I want to stay somewhat close to my parents, at least 10 hours away.”

What exactly is Robinson looking for in a college?

“I look at depth chart and academics. Also the way people treat me.”

Robinson says he plans to make his decision sometime before the end of summer and the beginning of his senior season.