Small in stature; Big in production Small in stature; Big in production
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Devrin Young       Small in stature; Big in production
             By Jesse McCormack/ThaRinger.Com
                            June 26th, 2009

Devrin Young is one of the most elusive running backs in the country, but caught up with the 2011 stud to see where his recruitment stands, and address the rumors that he has received a Tennessee offer.

Whatever Young, who is shorter than your typical back at 5’6 ½, 160 pounds, lacks in size, he more than makes up for in speed and elusiveness and has been clocked in the 4.5s in the forty-yard dash.

What current player does Young compare himself to?

“I would have to say a combination between Darren Sproles, on defense Bob Sanders, and now Percy Harvin because I think I can catch pretty well and I’m pretty good out of the slot.” Said a tired Young.

While Young aspires to be the best, he acknowledges he has a lot he needs to work on before he reaches his lofty goals.

“I need to work on my blocking, I need to work on my strength, obviously I need to get stronger, I need to work on my catching and just my overall game.” Young explained.

Young also had a lot to say about the two camps he most recently attended- those at Tennessee and UCLA.

“Tennessee: A lot of great athletes there, there was great intensity, coaching staff was wonderful, they were easy to understand with what they wanted you to do, great coaches, you get a good vibe from every last one of them and great players to play against the competition was great.” said the Knoxville native.

“UCLA: They also had some pretty good coaches, the competition wasn't as steep, I guess it’s just because we are in the south, we have the best football over here, but it was a good camp, I liked the coaches over there.”

Young also addressed the spreading rumor that he had recently received a Tennessee offer.

“You know I’ve heard the rumors too, I haven’t been told by my coaches or anything (about a Tennessee offer) so I guess when my coaches tell me then I’ll know for sure but until then I’m just going to believe it’s a rumor, that I hope will come true.” Young said.

Young also explains that if he were to receive a Tennessee offer, that would drastically change his recruitment.

“Tennessee, yeah to have Tennessee interested in me early, enough to have them offer me, that would definitely put them in my top.” Young said.

Could it possibly bring a commitment for the Vols?

“Yeah it possibly could,” Young said. “Depending on, later down the road, how bad they want me, and when it comes to recruiting me and what they talk about doing with me, but yeah I’d say it would lead towards a commitment, maybe.”

Young comes in at #43 in’s 2011 Early Top 50.