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DeMarco Cobbs  
 Enjoying The Process

        By Jesse McCormack/ThaRinger.Com
                      June 20th, 2009

Dynamic playmaker DeMarco Cobbs is wanted by almost every college program in the country, so it’s not surprise that some of the nation’s top recruiters have stopped by Tulsa, Oklahoma to check in on the phenom.

Cobbs did it all for his Tulsa Central high school team this past season, leading his team to a 6-3 record while playing quarterback and wide receiver, as well as rushing for over 1,100 yards to go along with 10 passing touchdowns.

Cobbs stands 6’2 tall, and weighs 205 pounds. What makes him so elusive on the football field?

“Probably my speed,” said Cobbs.

Cobbs claims ‘close to 40 offers,’ but some schools stick out above the rest.

“I’m interested in USC, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, LSU,” Cobbs remarked. “As well as the rest of my top 10.”

What schools will get a coveted summer visit from Cobbs?

“I’m visiting USC on Monday.” Cobbs said. “I’ll also visit Alabama and LSU.”

Cobbs was expected to visit Tennessee this past this weekend, but couldn’t make it due to unspecified reasons.

Does Cobbs feel any pressure from his peers and family to stay close to home?

“A little bit,” Cobbs said of feeling in state pressure. “But not really.”

Cobbs also said that he’s looking for the right fit, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be close to home.

“Not really.” Remarked Cobbs when asked if distance will be a factor in his decision. “I’m just going to go to whatever school I feel most comfortable with.”

Though some prospects look at the recruiting process as a burden, Cobbs doesn’t seem to mind it, and is just soaking it all in.

“It (the recruiting process) was stressful at the beginning, but now I’m used to it. It’s pretty cool and I’m just enjoying the ride”

What exactly is Cobbs looking for in his search for the right school?

“Being able to develop a good relationship with my position coach,” Said Cobbs. “And I also want a good head coach that has good relationships with his players, and coaches that aren’t all about football, and a team that feels like a family. I’m also looking for a good Christian environment.”

Cobbs projects as Wide Receiver at the next level and is scheduled to play in the Under Armour All-American game. He plans to make his decision on National Signing Day.