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T.J. Leifheit          Narrowing The Field
                         By Jesse McCormack/ThaRinger.Com
                                         June 21st, 2009

T.J. Leifheit has been hunted down by recruiters and journalists a like, so ThaRinger.Com joined the chase and caught up with the talented lineman to get his thoughts on the recruiting process and how close he is to ending it.

Great Offensive Tackles don’t come along very often in recruiting. One rare gem is TJ Leifheit, a 6’7, 315 pound Offensive Tackle from Wilmington, NC.

Leifheit, as talented as he is, still admits that he needs to work on certain aspects of his game.

“I would say run blocking is my strength,” remarked Leifheit. “But I need to improve on getting down and playing lower, I played pretty high last season.

Leifheit’s rare skill set leaves college coaches foaming at the mouth, and many are actively pursuing him, but only a lucky seven schools, out of 33 offers, made his most recent cut of schools.

“Right now my top seven is, in no particular order, USC, North Carolina, NC State, LSU, Tennessee, Florida, and Florida State.” Leifheit said.

Though it is widely believed that Butch Davis and North Carolina lead for his prized services, Leifheit claims that it not the case.

“No everybody’s equal,” Leifheit Said, “I’m looking at everybody the same and I’m going to evaluate them then go from there.”

Who will be fortunate enough to get a visit from Leifheit?

“I just got back from North Carolina and then I’m going to Florida.” Said Leifheit.

Leifheit wants to find the school that is the right fit, and if that means staying in state, or going across the country to USC, so be it.

“No not really (any pressure to stay in state).” Leifheit said. “I just want to find the best fit. It’s not a problem with going across the country. I have family in Los Angeles.”

Leifheit found the recruiting process stressful at first, but he still insists that he would rather have the opportunity (to play football in college on a scholarship) than not.

What would be Leifheit’s ideal college?

“Good education, good coaches, a Pro Style Offense, good facilities, and a good tradition.” Said Leifheit.

Leifheit is hoping to make his decision sometime in October.

*Photo courtesy of InsideCarolina.Com