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Tahj Kimble                           Hot List RB expecting more offers
                                          By Jesse McCormack/ThaRinger.Com
                                                          July 1st, 2009

Tahj Kimble, a vastly underrated running back from Fernandina Beach, Florida, spoke to Tuesday night about his recruitment, his overall game, upcoming visits.

The elusive Kimble currently weighs in at 197 pounds, stands 5’11 feet tall, and has been clocked in the 4.5s in the forty-yard dash. Even though he rushed for over 1200 yards last season, he remains focused on his Fernandina Beach High School team, and improving his already impressive arsenal of skills.

“We went 6-4, we missed the playoffs by one game. During the spring game we looked good and we had a lot of young players that came up from JV and they weren’t really used to the speed of varsity and we were getting in shape now. I don’t think we’ll have an amazing year but I think we’ll have a winning season and make it to the playoffs.” said the Hot List running back. “As for myself, I’m really good at making people miss but I need to stop juking so much. I need to improve on just making that one cut and going, because I have speed, I just haven’t really used it.”

As far as recruiting goes, Kimble claims seven total offers as of now from the likes of Boston College, Purdue, Iowa State, Middle Tennessee State, Buffalo, Tulane, and Indiana.

Is Kimble starting to develop some early favorites out of those offers?

“Well, I haven’t really visited any of them but I talk to the coaches.” Kimble said. “Right now, they’re all running in the same race. No ones in the lead right now.”

Though Kimble already has seven offers, there are still a few offers he would still like to add to his list.

Clemson: “They’ve been talking to me, and they share the ball, They don’t have just one feature back and as of right now I talked to their coach, they just have (CJ) Spiller and he’s going to be their main focus so I think I can come in and compete for that second spot.”

Georgia Tech: “I like the fact that, with their offense, they run the ball a lot.”

South Carolina: “I talked to one of their coaches and he said they have a good back, but he’s not really a game changer. He said I could come in and be that game changer with the way I play.”

Florida State: “I’ve been there a lot, I’ve been to camps, games, and I just like the atmosphere and the tradition there.”

Kimble also admits that there was one team that he grew up following.

“Well, my cousin grew up in Miami and we used to visit a lot.” Kimble said. “My dad is a Miami fan and he got me on Miami early so I’m really a die-hard Miami fan.”

Where does Kimble plan take upcoming visits to?

“Purdue, Indiana, and Boston College want to bring me in for official visits during the season and I already have those set up. My dad is going to try and make some unofficial visits to every school that has offered me and see what we’ll do from there.” Said Kimble. “I want to try to go visit Georgia Tech, Clemson, I’ve already been to Florida State and South Carolina, and maybe Florida and Miami and give them my highlight tape and see if they like me and try to get them in the mix.”

Kimble also discussed what exactly he’s looking for in the perfect school.

“Academics is number one, and then football is number two, not necessarily as far as playing time, but just how with what kind of chemistry I have with the players and the coaching staff.” Kimble described. “The way I see it, I want to go to a college where, even if I get hurt the first day of practice and I couldn’t play football anymore, I’ll still be comfortable going there.”

Kimble ranks as the 25th best player in the state of Florida for the Class of 2010.

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